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Do you do your own TDM Valve clearances and re-shim ??


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I bought the TDM 900 in December 2021, rode it a good amount, changed engine oil & filter, bled the brakes, fettled the calipers and generally fiddled about - as you do with a new bike. I could not find any history re the valve clearance checks so tried to book it in with a pal who is a great mechanic, but he could not fit me in until mid-march ! Right, I am fairly handy so I'll do it myself. While I'm in, I'll fit the SmartMoto secondary air valve bypass system and some posh coolant hoses from AS3Performance


I got the rad, tank and airbox off and looked at the access to the valve cover, or rather the lack of it. The manuals all show the engine being worked on while it is on the bench, a very different situation to the engine in the bike. I decided to leave the technical stuff to my Pal ( what a wimp!)

Do you do the valves and shim work on your TDM ? Is it as tricky as I am making out ?

Or do you leave them alone as they never need re-shimming, similar to a lot of the older Hondas like the Blackbird ??

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Blimey Dave, too complicated but welcome to the forum.


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they are a pain to do, and there's not much room to get the cover off either.

then there's taking the cams out just to change the shims and retiming the cams etc.
luckily its every 20k or so i believe.

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