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Just bought RXS100 (1993)

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Good to be a new member on the forum, so much interesting and useful stuff on here.  I have recently bought an RXS100, 1993 reg with just shy 10k miles on the clock but needs a bit of work doing - bit of a nostalgia trip but I still love the look of the RXS.  Passed my test on an RXS back in 1990 and have owned a couple of other Yamahas over the years (DT125R and RD350 YPVS) will be good to tinker again, have really missed the simplicity of these bikes.  Going to clean out carb, get new coil etc as the revs and pick-up are a bit hit and miss and choke is very sticky- these things are always a process of elimination!  Looking forward to learning more on the forum, every day's a school day.😉. P.S. thanks already to Jimmy who advised on where to source paint for the red tank touch-ups👍

Cheers, James

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Cheers bud, but it is a byproduct of the forum that folk will always offer help. No doubt any other advice ref the bike will be quickly sorted by the very knowledgeable folk on here.

Welcome to the forum, and keep contributing 

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