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On 12/3/2021 at 9:11 PM, mike1949 said:

Cheers Oldman, have been looking into what you said but in all honesty although it's do-able on a bike maybe not feasible as from where I live as it would be 134 miles (2h 15m)
If I were living on my own I would make a weekend of it but due to various family commitments I daren't push my luck.

Yeah, it's do-able, but it would be a long day with quite a bit of waiting about for the group to form etc. There was a big group this year that met on the M5 I think down below Gloucester, would be a nice ride back though, down the Fosse (I live in Rugby and commuted daily to Melksham on the Fazer 600, Fazer 1000 or even the Aprilia RSV, whenever it was going to be dry/warm, a lovely ride except for the traffic around Chippenham at 8.30am), but that would likely be a 12 hour day for you.

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Evening Gents,

Likewise back on the site after some time away.  So many things to do, so little time. HNY.

The plague is still raging so nothing new there. Hope you all keeping well.

Still commuting on the magnificent 3XW, weather has been very mild up till X-mas so got a lot or riding days in.  I've only got 23K on the clock now so alls good.  Had some shit weather last 2 weeks but tomorrow looks good so look forward to jumping on the bike again.

OldFJ your 3CV looks very good and nice pics 👍   (the 3CV in the same colour was my first FJ  Loved that bike)

Stay safe.



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