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Back after a break


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Jeez, it seems like an age since I've been on here. A lot has changed, but nothing has changed (wife and I both lost out remaining parents during lockdowns; wife lost her sister and 2 aunts, I need a hip replacement, wife has been diagnosed with angina and our son has been diagnosed with FND and now needs a wheelchair to get around), we still have the same bikes and like everyone else we're getting to used to life outside lockdown again.

This past year I've made a couple of subtle changes to the FJ (Fazer 1000 mirrors, wavy rear disc, braided stainless clutch line) as well giving her a bit of a deep clean, but mostly I've just been riding her. Quite a few 100-200 mile day trips and a couple of 300-350 mile ones, but no touring holidays......buying a motorhome and touring the UK in that, has put paid to multi-day bike trips for a while (at least until the novelty wears off). We usually take our bicycles and kayaks with the motorhome, so at least we're always "moving". The 2 Fazers have mostly sat in the garage, apart from the occasional time I take a ride on them just to keep everything moving. We're hoping for much better things in 2022 health-wise, so expecting to put a lot more miles on the Fazer's (the FJ has only done about 4,000 miles in the last year or so).

So, I am alive, I'm still riding and the bikes are going well. Now I just need to remember how to post/insert photo's - can't remember how it's done !!!


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Thanks lads, it's been a bit of a rollercoaster...you know, the bit where it just goes downhill fast 🤣......we're seriously trying to make the best of things right now and just trying to get on and enjoy our lives.

Am I right in thinking the best way to post a photo is to put it in the gallery first and then link it somehow ?


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hi there, welcome back, although i didn't know you'd gone😆.

As regards to posting photos, it seems the best way is to open a free Flickr account, upload your photos to it, then it gives you a code to paste in your text message, which then shows up in your message.

I did it, and it seems pretty easy to do, I just followed the instructions here



it's a little out of date as the sequence has changed slightly but its pretty straight forward and i was up and running quite quickly. Once uploaded, you preview your photo and the code is automatically produced so you can copy and paste it.


hope that helps.


and once again...welcome back.


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Looks like I won't be posting any photo's then. I'm not having a Flickr account, got my fingers burned twice before with these things losing everything once they decided to start charging you for using their "services", which included receiving incessant adverts 😟


I suppose that's why I migrated over to other FB user groups and forums, they're just so much easier to share stuff with, but at least I'll still hang out here though. 👍 

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