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Brake parts for XT 125R

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Riding home from my first decent trip on my XT 125R last weekend and the front brake started causing problems, then gave up the ghost completely. Made it home very carefully with a good (recently rebuilt) rear brake to find the front disc covered in a black layer of mainly brake fluid and crap.

OK, so no big deal, I'll get a rebuild kit and we'll be back on the road.....or so I thought.

I've now gone through two kits with seals and pistons, both of which are rubbish. The first one was too small. I contacted the supplier, who told me he'd checked all the other kits on his shelf and they've all been wrongly labelled by the manufacturer and are 31.8mm diameter and not 32mm, which is what I need and he happily refunded me.

Oredered a second kit from elsewhere and the pistons are only just over 31.8mm with seals that have an internal diameter of just under 31mm. No way was the piston going to go through them and applying a bit of force has just torn the seals, which I discovered when I tried to bleed them and found fluid dripping out of the caliper all over the disc and new pads.

Has anyone had problems with poor quality brake parts like this? I'd expect better with a hugely safety critical area like brakes.

Can anyone recommend where I can get a decent set of seals. The pistons are 32x13mm and the old pistons look fine, so just a couple of circles of rubber is all I need!

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It stings the wallet sometimes but if a part has to be right, the next best thing to ordering from yamaha is fowlers of Bristol. 

A lot of their parts for older bikes is bulk bought end of line manufacturer stuff they keep in various warehouses. 

Won't always be the cheapest but if its a specific part, (their website parts diagrams are ace) and you want it right. People on the phone are really helpful and have good knowlege too, not the "computer says no" types. 



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I always use powerhouse for my brake kits. 


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