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New joiner, old bike

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Hi everyone. Just signed up after deciding to try and restore an old DT100 as my winter project.

Ran OK last time I used it 20 years ago (when I was much lighter than I am now), but has sat in a garden shed since and has a good bit of rust about it. Lots of work and a few parts needed but I think it still has good bones.

look forward to catching up on the forum!


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hi welcome, you'll enjoy the restoration I'm sure, just be careful as they do become bottomless pits for money spent! (speaking from experience!)

That said my advice is with digital cameras and phones:-  take plenty of photos, especially close ups, before and after you dismantle things, they can become a lifeline when it comes to putting all back together in the months /years ahead, even more so when you've forgotten how it looked. It also helps to identify nearby parts and how they appear. Just download them to a folder and you'll be grateful later. Good luck and you'll learn loads.

PS There's nothing like getting your hands dirty for the benefit of getting something back on the road, but.....Protect your hands, disposable gloves, barrier creams all help. Dirty oil under the nails and ingrained into your fingerprints can take its toll and you can seem to take forever standing at the sink to get them clean again. Enjoy.

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Welcome in DT - as has been said, restoration of an old bike has lots of benefits............and no drawbacks, except money 😀

Enjoy yourself and good luck !

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