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XVS - California Models


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Hi all

I've got a 2001 XVS 650A Dragstar Classic, which I'm currently rebuilding (some b*stard in a car knocked me off and left me at the side of the road), and I'm looking at purchasing an XVS 1100A V Star Classic to get back to riding quicker than my resto is going to take.

The bike's an American import (obviously, being a V Star), and I *think* it's a California model, admittedly based purely on a sticker on the LHS of the frame.

I know of the California models, and I believe I "know" that the specific models were created for the Californian market due to the state's high restrictions on emissions. But, what I've never been quite clear about, is what exactly the differences are for a California model, and what that actually means for the owner.

For example, if Yamaha reduced the emissions by de-tuning the engine, then the power of the bike could be affected. I've come across examples of forum posts about aftermarket exhausts having to be correct between a California and non-California model, so assume there's also some sort of recirculation going on.

I have had a quick search on the forums, but either my "Google-fu" isn't strong enough, or there's genuinely very little out there regarding the specific differences.

I was hoping for some sort of sticky in the forums highlighting the differences between models; alas I can't seem to find any such stickies on several owners sites either.

Anyone able to educate me?


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