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I could do with some pointers. ybr 125 type.


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hi guys, please excuse the wall of text for my first post, i have done some searching on the forum, but this forum is massive! 

I'm posting on behalf of someone else, i've no idea about bikes i'm a techy guy... so if anything sounds stupid ya know why..lol 

The lad always had a thing for bikes, sadly he was so excited someone on facebook ripped him off. he got sold what looked like a very nice ttr 125. sadly though the pandemic hit, he already paid the guy but was stuck at his grandparents house and he wasn't allowed to leave the bubble so the guy dropped it off at mine.   the bike ended up just being sat in the garage until he could come 6 months later.  

anyways when it was all over he comes check the bike to find that it wasn't actually wired up, or the original engine.  for the last 6 months now hes gone from being excited and positive, to almost having a hatred for it, and hes not even rode  it.     hes tried everything he can find on the internet, gone from "i'm going to do this" to just depressed.     

this is everything we can work out. 

Engine is a ajs 125 ybr type. (my car mech friend checked it and said compression is good)

it was fuel injected, but it seems the stator plate was changed to convert it to a carb engine. (we did find a ebay link from ajs themselves selling a couple, and it did mention this exact thing, but also that no support was given and wouldn't even answer my email)
Stator plate has 3 white wires and 1 red.
The bike doesn't have a CDI, but we did find the plug it was cut from wires and sellotaped to the frame.  no other wires or earths on the bike 😕 

the bike doesn't look like its been thrown together, the car mech friend said it all looks a good job and the original guy just didn't finish the conversion. 

could anyone give me some leads? some links or a video that would help us get this thing wired up and sparking.  (key words to search for, or anything really)
any help would be appreciated.  

thanks for reading the wall of text :) 



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Ugly mess to sort out. Dont know a great deal about these little bikes myself. Deliberately bought a carb'd bike for my daughter because i knew how to fix it.

I know that doesent help your situation, i recall hearing that the Fi bikes have different cam timing and compression ratio's to get the best from the precise nature of the Fi so you could well be flogging a dead horse.

Your safest and most guaranteed option would be to pick up a cat c or similar that you can tear apart for the engine and knowing you will have all the aux parts you need. 

Would love to tell you more but don't know, Fi is a blackhole i have never bothered with. 

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The obvious question is: Did you contact the guy he got it from?
Second question if there's no joy from him is: How long has it been since he actually paid, and what method of payment was used?

Third question: Have you considered just getting a new loom and rebuilding it how it's meant to be?

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How much did he pay for this  crock o" Sh*t,  ,, UNBELIEVABLE,"   ,

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