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Non starting 98 virago 125


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Hi all, I'm new to the forum. And to yamahas. And to bikes!

I got myself a yam virago 125 non starter to do as a project and hopefully ride. I've got some experience with older cars so taking on a project didn't seem a biggie..


The virago won't start, though it did briefly a few times yesterday. I'm getting fuel into the cylinders as there's petrol smell on the exhaust and I managed to flood a few times. I checked for spark and thats ok front and back, it's had fresh petrol and oil (it may have been left for as much as 5 years unused)

It's got a new battery, some wiring has been repaired or replaced and seems to check out. The starter does its thing and its both drawing in air at the inlets and pushing it out the back.


Any ideas of things to try would be greatly appreciated! I am waiting on a new carb as there's a well stuck pilot screw in mine and a new carb was little more expensive than the cost of a refurb kit and screw (I'd been considering rebuilding it to make sure it wasn't gunged up)

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Small update - the new carb is delayed so I spent today stripping the old one, cleaning and rebuilding and double checking the vacuum system is sealed and she's now started again! I still need the new carb as the siezed screws ain't budging, and one cylinder is a bit tempermental. I need to sort the neutral switch too

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