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Aftermarket quick-shifter, blipper recommendation. Tracer 900 2017

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As per title im after an aftermarket quick-shifter, blipper recommendation for my Tracer 900, 2017.


I say aftermarket because as far as I know, adding the OEM one wouldn't give downshift / blip.


I've been looking at this one from HM:



But I'd like to hear first hand feedback from other forum users on what they have fitted.


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Just be careful, people buying quickshifters often as not end up asking why their bike is jumping out of gear after a while. They do stress the gearbox.

On a race bike the tenths of a second matter and replacing gearboxes is accepted, road bikes, not so much.

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HM Quickshifter never replied to 3 emails over about a month.


Reactive Parts sourced this IRC Quickshifter / Blipper which took ages to arrive due to Covid / Brexitspacer.png


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