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My poor bike is suffering...

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I ride year round, and with all the weather we've been having lately they've been drowning the roads in salt, and with the lockdown, finding a jetwash open is near impossible!

So, obviously the bike is taking a bit of a hammering. It doesn't help that it has a full fairing...

After several slightly crap hand washes (I'm getting on and don't have a garage, so getting on my hands and knees in the freezing wet isn't easy or good lol), I've managed to find a jetwash and gave it a good 'low' pressure wash yesterday.

I spent an hour messing around with it today, cleaned the chain, hand washed it, re-greased the chain and kickstand workings.


Two questions:

1/ What else should I be doing?

2/ How do I polish up the aluminium bits (pegs, kick plates & rear calliper) which have suffered a bit from the salt. I assume they have a surface coating on them witch I don't want to take off unless there's no other option.

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best to coat the bike (not the brakes) acf50 or i have scott oil 365 it'll  keep corrosion away and protect electrics too.

If corrosion has got under the all coating, then it needs to come off, no other way. just use peeks or if its really bad, solvo autosol

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I take the fairings (lowers) off my fazer, slip rubber gloves over the exhaust outlets, rinse with cold water, wash with whatever ive got at the time, chammy off what I can get at, then blow dry with the compressor. Leave it a day or two, then cover over the brakes/wheels, seat off, using a low pressure spray gun (5psi), spray all over with ACF50. Leave a day, then wipe off any excess which has formed. I pivot the tank and get underneath that too, all around and under the swinger, get it right into the engine, and particularly the manifold area, as the clamp bolts are notorious for corroding. When that's done, wipe over the brake discs with brake cleaner, take the calipers off and clean the insides with a little detergent and water, red grease the exposed pistons. A fair bit of work, but you can spot stuff that might need doing while you're at it. Chain is blow dried, then oiled up.

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