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New guy here with a 1982 Yamaha XS1100

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Hi, Im Joe, I have always wanted to ride but just never made it a priority to ride. I have been an auto and truck mechanic for years. I thought I would have the time to restore this bike and honestly have had the time but ever since I learned how fast it would go, Im thinking its probably not a bike I should start out on. 

So, on to the bike, I really would like to learn more about it. Its a 1982 Yamaha XS1100. I can find info on 1981 Yamaha XS1100 but not much out there on this one. I know it needs carbs but im not motivated enough to spend the $800 on carbs then its been sitting for years, license plate says 2012. I got it from my uncle who ended up with it when a buddy of his passed away. His buddy claimed that he had done internal engine work and had it up to 145 to 150 but it was a scary ride. I rebuilt the carbs and went with jets that were 6 thousands larger because I read that these bikes had issues vapor locking with the original jets. I also hate the air box so I put aftermarket cone filters. I fear that this bike would just be way too fast for a first bike.  

What do you think, any thoughts on this bike? I really cant find any info on a 1982 XS1100. Please educate me

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I owned a 79 xs1100 and I would suggest the 145/150 was a fanciful idea. Even if it was tuned to that, the frame would never stand with it's virtual hinged centre.

That aside, I loved my bike and still mildly regret getting rid.

Never had any engine or carb issues and the only problem was a coil failure 300 miles from home. Still got me there tho

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Welcome in Joe,   they did poddy racing in the late 1970"s  aye winners too, looked like a supertanker to ride tho,,   see on You-tube,,

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Luckily, your bike has a throttle and brakes! It only goes as fast as you want it too... lol

My first bike (after 20 years of not riding (and even then not riding anything big)) was (and is) a YZF1000R.

Supposedly 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 170MPH. You don't HAVE to wind it on recklessly all the time...


Get it running, get it insured, get used to it..! :D

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