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YZF1000R Thunderace!

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So I'm curious...

How many people in here have (or had) a Thunderace?

How was it?
What problems did you find?

What issues do they have?

What did you do to upgrade it?
What would you have liked to do to upgrade it?

And so on...


I've uprated my drive chain and sprockets (I was eating my standard ones for some reason (I'm not a speed freak, honest!)).

I've been wondering about getting some uprated spark coils.

Whilst not in terrible condition, my fairings are looking their age. I've been looking at the Chinese aftermarket fairing kits. Anyone ever got one? Any good?

Our lass keeps sliding down her seat when I'm breaking, and attempting to break my nuts! I bought one of those triboseat covers (I call it her 'stickybum'), it helps, but not enough to save my nuts all the time. I've been entertaining the idea of making myself some custom seats.
But, I'm having trouble finding seat material I like. The original Thunderace covers are just plain smooth vinyl and are pretty slippy but modern seat materials are (I don't know how to describe it), more material like... Any ideas where to get it from?


Basically, this thread is a 'talk about Thunderaces' thread! :D Let's go!!!

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