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YZF1000R Thunderace!


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Hi Snakebite, yeah the front brakes are fine, but after the full strip I did on the rear I can notice a slight lack of initial bite compared to the rear, so will definitely be doing a strip on them too.

I'll let you know how the clutch goes. It seems a lot more accessible and easier to dis/reassemble than some I've seen. I'm mainly doing it to see if I can improve on the action and also selecting neutral once stopped. Mine hasn't shown any tendency to slip either.

I find the rear shock on original factory settings is surprisingly good for the road. And if it's serviceable then I'll put it on the list to get done along with the front forks and rear linkages. The ZX10 shock idea likely wouldn't be an improvement anyway. Hopefully my linkage won't have the same fault as yours.

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On the plus side, the shock linkages aren't expensive to pick up second hand, I ran out and got one with no problem.

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4 hours ago, Snakebite68 said:

On the plus side, the shock linkages aren't expensive to pick up second hand, I ran out and got one with no problem.

Useful to know, cheers 😁

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Hi, I'm Dan.  I live in Poole.  I currently have a 2002 Thundercat which I've owned for 3 years since returning to 2 wheels after a lengthy lay off! I have just acquired a 2001 Thunderace which I bought from an auction site for not a lot of money. 12,000 miles but I think much UNloved.  It starts on the button and runs well. Unfortunately, as I don't want to get wet, (I'm far too old for those shenanigans) I didn't get to ride it for a couple of weeks.  However, one Sunday morning, the sun made an appearance so I decided to take it for a little spin. 10 miles later I'm back home and well pleased with the initial run once I'd put some proper air in the tyres!  I did notice when back in the garage that the clutch master cylinder bolts were literally hanging out so took the decision there and then to pull it off the road and look at it properly.  I can't trust anyone else's handiwork when such a glaring error was made!  I've decided to service the machine even though the seller stated that he had done it.  I'm also changing all the lines for braided and all the fairing bolts for stainless steel. You should have seen the mish mash that was on it!

I am hoping to find some friendly voices on here and maybe a few tips and helpful advice.  My only query thus far is about mounting paddock stand bobbins on the swingarm and how they don't go tight all of the way due to the weld on the arm.  Will they just be ok wound tight to the weld or do people utilise a spacer such as a split washer underneath?


Any replies will be well received.  

Thanks, Dan 😁

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