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Hi Guys,

Just signed up today, having just got my second Yamaha ever, since owning a brand new RD250B back in 1975. Ooops, giving my age away there. Aw, sod it, who cares.

Just imported a Yam XS650 from a mate in Oz.  It's a Street Scrambler custom build with a rephased motor with a 750 big bore kit.  The bike was totally mint when in Oz but sadly the three month (yes, 3 months!!) sea voyage has taken its toll on the bike, not to mention some dimwit had the brainwave of strapping the bike down in the contained with a strap over the newly painred tank, which now sports a dent right across the top.  Anyway, the bike still looks ace and I'm looking forward to registering it and taking a trip down memory lane next season (have to strip the bike down to clean it up and re-powder coat the frame, which also got chipped in transit).

I have three other bikes, two custom built cruisers and a 1290 SuperdukeR (keeps me alive!  :) ).  My main hobby these days is customising my bikes.  I do my own painting too and hope to set up a small paintshop after all this Covid rubbish is over.  My wife passed her teat a year ago, and now owns a Honda Rebel 500, which I've since customised for her.  we get out and about in lancashire on the bikes often and I'm often at the local bike meets in the Lancashire area.

Looking forward to the forum and sharing experiences and a laugh where I can.

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Welcome in "  great intro,,,,a pic would be good,:photo2:  

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Welcome to the forum bud. I like the xs650s and as Blackhat say, we like pictures

"My wife passed her teat" probably belongs on a different type of forum 🤣🤣🤣

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:welcome: do you frequent the carousel at Southport wednesdays?

I miss the Wray bike nights too, those xs650 are great lots of support from Mike XS in the states and the Dutch sites.

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