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Mt-03 660 air induction & difficult start

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Hello guys,

I bought a 2006 MT-03 a month ago and am generally happy with the performance, however I have noticed a small rusty hole in what seems to be an air induction system pipe (pic attached).

Can anybody tell me what impact on performance can this cause and if the replacement is necessary?

I am sometimes experiencing difficulties with starting the engine (both cold and warm) which can sometimes take 2-3 rounds of ~3sec starter spinning before the engine fires up, perhaps this may be linked?





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looks like an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system

a pain in cars too. I took mine out and put an electronic gubbins in to fool the engine it was still there. only there to pass the euro 4/5 regs on emissions.

put some exhaust wrap on and should be fine. 

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