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greetings all...and help! =)


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I am an aviation type... Mostly Air Traffic Control. Did some Airfield Management @ DFW Intl which came in handy for the next phase...Contractor Airfield and Air Traffic Control Management in Afghanistan and Iraq. 2012 to 2017. Then had a contract to review contracts as an Aviation Subject Matter Expert for the Army @ Rock Island Arsenal, IL. Not as much fun as the Mid East. Going to either AFG or IRQ one passes through Dubai. Crazy place...loved it -have about 6 months total in Dubai. Probably one of the few that has time in Viet Nam, IRQ, and AFG. Tons of experiences...but like most the telling of them tends to bore most people. Only grandchild is in Japan (son in Air Force stationed there) and 1 year old. Oh well...I have drifted off the forum.

While not new to the 2 wheel world....I am super new to the Yamaha part of the world.
I've had Honda's...3 scooters and still have an 05 Royal Enfield 500 army type with metal side 'bags.
I just picked up a great 81 Yamaha SR 250. I really like the bike.
I am puzzled by the turn signals... It seems to be a flasher related issue. But....I can not find the goofy thing. Seat off...battery and air filter area's open...do not see anything that looks even close to a flasher unit. Online shows three or four different styles, shapes, and sizes. Have yet to find a google that helps at all. With the seat off I found an odd two fuse plastic holder...one small one that seems to do nothing...get it apart...not having luck getting both back together the larger one seems too big..
So I really, really could use some help....where is the flasher on my 81 SR 250...and any clues on the two fuse thing?
I thank you for any inputs/ideas...

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thanks for the quick response.  the 2 fuse thingee is probably the same...but different.  =).  f unctions the same as yours just the spare is different.  wag on my part here.
and....I will attack the tank later this evening.  that should be fun.  
I am juggling working on the bike and my mg midget.  I mist like pain confusion and frustration.  the midget is challenging my lack .of electrical skills as well. 
maybe I should consider rock painting or brain surgery...both must be easier.
thanks again!  I will come back with the results of this evenings fun and  follies.

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Howdee"  thats the most spectacular intro  i"v read,,your a real Vet, 

 The Sr  yams single cylinder  engines are hardy,, that flasher unit wil be under the tank,,round three prong type,

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Many thanks to all!  It was under the tank.  Replaced it and ...it works!
Now...no good job goes unpunished.  Tank back on …connect tank to carb...

Only way it will start is full choke.  high rpm's...try to reduce the choke and pop, pop (backfires) and dies as in fuel starvation type if dyeing . I can use the throttle but it has not effect when I push the choke in.   My hope here is that maybe I just screwed up the tank to carb some how not sure how I could do that...still, with me?  anything is possible..... might check the air filter again.    
help #2?

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Maybe some crap in the tank that was unsettled by the removal got into the fuel line and carb?

Unless you can find an obvious reason externally then maybe time to strip and overhaul the carburettor. Should be a gasket and jet kit available otherwise take apart and clean float bowl and blow jet(s) out.

If it is a dirty carb then a tank flush and clean and shiny new hose and inline filter might be a good idea also.

Edit: Just checked and plenty of carb repair kits for the SR on Feebay ranging from 10-30 quid... Good luck!

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Problem solved.  Lets just put it down to ….slow down and check your work.

While I did replace the vacuum line/tube...I did not check the tank part of the connection.  I was about to go nutty when, after put it back in one end...the other came out.  Neither had a clip or retainer.  Done now.  Gee, I can hardly wait for the next fun test of what I do not know about this bike.   
I thought after messing with the Royal Enfield for 5 years I could handle most  problems.  I suppose if it were all easy it would lose some of the fun factor.  That does not mean I need to break down in the middle of nowhere to enjoy riding them.
Thanks to all!!!

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🙃 we've all been there.
I spent 6 months tracking an ignition fault, tested within parameters but 1 wire failed under load. there's a long thread in the site somewhere.

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  • 4 weeks later...

In the same vein as your tank issue, I just recently I had a bit of tentative exploration under my Thunderaces tank. Sorted everything out that I wanted to do and put it all back together, started it up, everything runs fine...
Our lass comes out and says 'Is it working now? Let's go to Squires...'.
So, off we pop.

Need some fuel so head there first.

Been on the road now for like 5mins and I can feel... Something... Like the engine is missing or something... Just occasionally.

By now, we're down two steep hills and nearly into town, and I'm riding with my head to one side listening.

This is before I got my valves gapped, so it wasn't running perfectly anyway, so I thought, maybe I'd just heard that slightly rough running...

We're now through town and turning off past a commercial area to go get fuel and the bike definitely coughs a few times pulling away from the lights!

Hmmm... Not good!

By the time we're on the road leading to Sainsburys petrol station, it's missing a LOT! And I give up and pull over. Only for the engine to instantly die!!! %)£*(%"!!!

Restart it, it fires right up... Then dies!

And again...

And.. Nope, that's it, nothing...


In a mild panic, I come across the only explanation I can think of, I've kinked the fuel line when I put the tank back on, but, there's no way to get to it, unless...
In the commercial area, there's a Halfords, I'm on pretty good terms with them, I wonder if they'll loan me some tools? Worth a try..!

So I'm waiting for the guy to grab me the couple of tools I require to get the tank off when it hits me!!!
I have a tap on the bottom of the tank... I... Didn't... Turn... It... Back... ON!!!

Anyway, 3mins later the bike is fired up and I'm sheepishly explaining what I'd done to the guy that loaned me the tools!!!

You feel SUCH an ass sometimes! lol

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