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*New Member Restoring 1978 DT175MX*

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Names Scott. 🙋‍♂️

Currently restoring DT175MX 1978 Model. Been viewing past restorations looking for tips and thought I would join and hopefully pick some brains on the right way to go about things. 

Had a DT175MX when I was in my teens and it was the most fun bike I've ever owned and have missed it every day since someone pulled out on me and I had no choice but to stuff it into the back of their car (SMIDSY). This was back in 86 or 87 as it was a brand new D plate Cavalier, he got away with it but the bike got damaged enough that I couldn't ride it and this was before the internet and Ebay so I flogged it off cheap to some chap who stuck a flier through the letterbox.

Had lot's of other bikes over the years and stopped riding for a long time and only in the last few years have I decided to get back into it. I'm in my *cough* 50s now. 

I could and probably should have just bought a whole one that had already been restored but where's the fun in that? Anyway I managed to get hold of a big pile of bits, frames, wheels and many other parts but not enough to make a whole one and have, for about the last year, been amassing bits literally from all over the world to put a DT together.

Very recently however, I was able to purchase, for an absolute steal, an unfinished project for which I already had most of the parts. Am gradually chipping away at the tasks and getting them done but am going to need some pointers to get the wiring done and that's largely why I joined the site.

Looking forward to speaking with you and hopefully gaining some knowledge and getting back on the road...

Oh about the picture, the joys of the single life and nobody nagging me or threatening divorce if I don't get it shifted. Planning on getting it built then taking it outside when it's ready and not doing the fluids till then and hopefully have a shed built to park and secure it in by then too...

Anything you want to know feel free to ask. DTLounge.jpg

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Welcome to the forum bud 

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