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New member - RXS 100


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I am a new member, have recently bought a ‘project’ RXS100, that has turned out to be less of a project than I hoped for🙂

it’s an X training school bike from the look of things with 7000 on the clock and seems pretty mint, a bit of a ripley tank on one side - probably dropped by a learner, took it for a MOT and it passed 1st go!

I used to ride in the good old days when you could jump on to a 250 without any trouble, but haven’t ridden since I was 23 (except the odd scooter here and there in Greece on hols)

I have just passed my CBT and am out in the lanes thrashing the RXT, most fun I have had with my clothes on in a long time!!!
there is a little big end rumble and smoke after it has been standing - probably big end bearings and seals - so I think I will drag the engine out over the winter and re-build, but until then in the words of jasper carrot I’m gonna ride, ride, ride!




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