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RD`S Carbs


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Just fitted some RD carbs onto a YDS5 engine which I had to modify the carbs so they would fit on the stubs but I seem to be having issues of flooding the engine and petrol coming out the exhaust. I have checked the floats and they worked fine and I have put the top notch on the needle. That made no difference could it be the jet that need changing or could it be the throttle slides are to high but there in no adjustment left  on the throttle cable.



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That rear view " slide are way too high. it will rev its nuts off on start-up.. i think it coz you have the High  tops on  ,this shortens he cable reach,,,the  flooding is probably the needle valves

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Thanks for the reply got the slides down the same without the throttle cables fitted  but still revs high could it be blockage or would be as I have no air filter fitted?




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