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75 Chappy NO START

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I just got an old chappy 50cc.

I cleaned the carb really well, replaced the spark plug.

When I kick it over I HAVE SPARK! ANd there is good compression. However it does not start? I even tried pouring a little bit of gas directly into the carb. Nothing. I tried taking oit the spark plug, puring  a tiny bit if gas in there and quickly  replacing the plug and kicking it over......I thought that would at least ignote that little bit of gas, but nothing?

I DO NOT have a battery installed, the toggle kill switch on the right side handle bar I tried all 3 positions and no change.

I am surprised, especially if there is spark and fuel in the chamber, should it not at least ignite that fuel?

Do I need battery installed to start it?
Could it be my kill switch?

Thought and thanks


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Have you tried a new plug. Yours may be sparking outside the engine but failing under load. Doubt it will be the kill switch as you wouldn't get a spark inside or outside the engine

Probably better sticking a battery in place to give it a boost

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