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Stolen / Recovered MT03


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Question - I'm looking at an mt03, stolen/recovered. Keys are present but steering lock is broken and ignition barrel is not with the bike. 


Would I need new keys, lock, barrel AND ecu or would a replacement ignition barrel and keys work with the current ecu? 


A new set of everything is over £900 which I want to avoid. 

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Well to be honest I'm not completely sure but your best bet would be to have a word with your local Yam dealer workshop staff. They would know for certain. But have you thought about a used set of parts? Usually you can pick up a set of used bit's off of EBAY or somewhere else for a much lesser amount. Any wrecked bike of a similar year will have the parts you need.

Just had a quick look on EBAY and you can pick up an ECU for about £90, other bits will no doubt turn up then it will cost you about £150 for an ECU reset company to make it work on your bike. To be honest if the bike your looking at is anything other than REALLY CHEAP then move on.

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