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New Bike Same Sick Feeling

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Hi all 

Just brought myself a restoration project. Same model I had from new in 1981


Hell of a lot of work coming up but ive done a couple of different bikes  before

Suzuki T500J and a Bonneville T100 concourse. Both on youtube

Ive still got that sick feeling and not sure if its excitement to start or worrying ill never finish it. Look forward to picking your  brains when ive got my head round the bikes history. 

Goes without saying bits are scarce, so im up for anyone contacting me saying they got every bit i need  :)



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Hi Xtt"  ,good bikes the 250,  i"d say exhausts and the rear  tail light bracket are the   rare parts ,  .:welcome:

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Had one & drove one for a looooong time.  Was a bit of 1/2 a barn find but all complete.

Cleaned out the tank and the carb.  For the next 10 years only threw fuel, lube oil and tires at it. (and a new stainless exhaust)

Problem free little bike for the daily commute but sold it to replace it by the FJ.


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