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Xj900f standard jet sizes for uk

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Hi,as above have pods currently but will be going back to the standard airbox for a miriad of reasons...

My bike is the last of the 58l model,uk spec and is a 1991

So many contradictory info on what was the standard jet size etc so could someone give me a pointer. 

Thanks. Nev

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Does this help? Found it on http://xjbikes.wikidot.com/carb-specs Good luck.

Years & Models: XJ900 model 58L
Carb Manufacturer: Mikuni
Carb Series: BS36
Carb Model ID: 58L00
Main FUEL Jet Size: #107.5
Pilot FUEL Jet Size: #40
Main AIR Jet Size: #45 (non-removable, in carb throat)
Pilot AIR Jet Size: #160
AIR COMPENSATOR Jet Size: not used
Starter FUEL Jet Size: #35 (non-replaceable, in float bowl)
Main jet NEEDLE ID: #5FZ62-3
Main needle JET Size: #Y-0, style #318 (the main needle JET is also known as the "power valve" or "emulsion tube").
Float Valve Seat Size: 2.3mm, uses a shorter float valve needle and the needle is clipped to the float arm.
Fuel Level in float bowls: 5.0mm +/- 1mm (.118" +/- .039")
Idle RPM's: 1,050 rpms

Although not part of your carbs, your valve clearances should be considered as part of your "intake system", so here are those specs, too. Note that valve clearances should be measured with the engine "cold", meaning 70-degrees Fahrenheit or less:

Valve Clearance Intake: 0.11 - 0.15mm ( = 0.004 - 0.006")
Valve Clearance Exhaust: 0.16 - 0.20mm (= 0.006 - 0.008")

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Thanks slice,good find that one as has all the sizes Inc airjet etc👍

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