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650 v star crank no start

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Hey folks, have read through a few forums on here and think I am having an issue yall are pretty familiar with. Hoping for a simple fix. I recently purchased a 2008 650 V star from a family member who had it in her garage for the last few months. six months or so without being started or anything. So I know the fuel was trash and the lines needed flushing and the jets in the carb needed cleaning. Immediately got to work. Drained the tank, removed speedo, removed tank, removed air box assembly, removed carb, cleaned jets meticulously, allowed jets to soak for a while in carb cleaner and wiped everything down/blew it out. Bought new o rings and gaskets and re assembled. Replaced spark plugs and fuel filter and air filter. after lines were cleaned, tank was cleaned, carb was cleaned and minor surface cracking in air intake boots had been taken care of bike was re assembled. Put high qaulity fuel in tank with appropriate amounts of seafoam to treat the areas i couldnt reach manually. Replaced the battery as well. The bike will crank healthily and act like it is trying to idle, but die within three or four seconds. every single time. I am not too familiar with how to adjust air/fuel mixture, or if my idle speed screw was even set correctly. When I reassembled the carb i tried my best to set everything back to where it was originally. HELP! :) very much would like to get this bike going before the end of the day today so i can register it on my lunch break tomorrow. Any thoughts/recommendations?

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