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David Lane 1952

FJR Dave

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?Hi Folks


My 2010 FJR 1300 has  this repeating problem it keeps going into a  false neutral code 37 keeps coming up  but the main dealer cannot find the prob  an its getting worse I have to keep changing down the gears manually with an Allen Key I had it happen 3 times the other day I read the code (rightly or wrongly) as not enough current getting to  the actuator . firstly found the battery  had a cell out as the Amps reading was weak so ive fitted a new battery (thinking that would solve it)  but alas its not .does anyone know how I can test the actuator electrics in case the switch is breaking down ????

ANY help you can give  is greatly NEEDED lol 


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Hi David, well truth be told it would be best if you took your bike to the FJ owners club, I bet they can fix it! there is not much they can't do to your FJR and as for main dealers well let's just say they can on occasion be a little unhelpful if there is no money in it,. It costs about £12 to join the FJ club and Ernie or Peg will be only to willing to offer free advice or fix it for you at considerably less than a main dealer. This is the web address http://www.fjclub.co.uk/

Plus look up the prices on the FJR catalogue page, you will be surprised at the savings on servicing and parts. Really depends where you are in the UK but they can even offer overnight accommodation at local B+Bs.

Try it, at worst your out 12 quid!

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