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Hi. I own a 2011 XT660R and while wiring up my tail light did a very stupid thing. I know it was wrong I had my ignition on and while wiring up my tail light one wire accidently touched the black wire causing a click from the right side of my bike. I nearly kicked myself as I did such a stupid thing. I checked the fuses as the indicators and tail light stopped working. No blown fuses. So I took the right cover off and there I replaced the indicator relay thinking it had blown. But still no joy. No indicators or tail/brake light. No light in headlight when ignition on. But headlight comes on when started and horn works. What else could this idiot check or have popped.


Thanks in advance

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Hi All


I have sorted this out and just for future problems anyone may have will answer my own question. Next to the main fuse box is a small single white fuse holder that contains a 10A fuse. This is what blew.

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