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Regulator/rectifier wires melting

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its a short circuit. Somewhere the live for that circuit is being grounded. So the wire melts. The Risk of a fire is very HIGH.

It's possible that the reg/rec has failed and is shorting to earth, but .....it could be anywhere within that circuit.!

It requires a bit of fault finding with a meter and inspection of the wiring.

PS. You can't reuse a wire that has been melted even if its just the sheath that has melted, that will need replacing, and potentially you could end up with a new loom!!


((PPS. This area of the forum is essentialy for new members just to introduce themselves not for workshop problems.))

Welcome to the club though, and happy new year to you hopefully it won't be too expensive for you!!


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topic closed, this about forum issues not bike issues

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