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can anyone help please

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I was given a YB100 years ago as part of a thanks for a fabricating job i done for a friend of mine, it stood in bits in his garage for years before he gave it to me, he says it is not stolen, he said he never registered it as it was in bits when he got it and meant to restore it but just never found the time, i have no documents, no number plates. BUT I DO HAVE THE FRAME AND ENGINE NUMBERS and was told it had 2 previous owners, can anyone help or advise me if i can track down its original number plate as i hope to re-register and restore it for my son, i have spoken to the DVLA, they told me i have to rebuild it first, photograph it and submit all the identification numbers i have, i am willing to do this but don't want to spend money on rebuilding it first if for some reason i cant register it, can someone advise me on what to do, IT IS NOT STOLEN as i am more than willing to submit the frame and engine numbers as that's all i have concerning the bikes I.D.

Many thanks

Mark (the Sparrow)

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Hi Mark,

i think that the DVLA have probably given you the info you need. I would think that if the numbers are already linked to a Reg number, it will pop up when they go through the process to give a registration number for the bike you have. If it's not been registered before and if you don't have the necessary dating certificate/information, then you'll probably end up with a Q Reg plate.

You probably won't lose out either way, unless your plan is to restore the bike and sell it for a profit - but the issue with that, is that even in pristine condition, a YB 100 won't be worth much, so a profit on selling is unlikely any way.

if you really just want to restore it and ride it, go ahead, get the MOT and take a chance on the DVLA.

One more old Yamaha back on the roads would be reward enough for me ?

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end up with a Q Reg plate.

Even if they can find the numbers its unlikely you'll get the original registration number back anyway, they'll issue an 'age related' plate. Which could have been on any vehicle around that time and has been scrapped for example.

In my experience they rarely seem to take what we would call the sensible approach, i.e re-activating the existing plate. Their computer probably says "no" and the software was probably not designed to do that, so they follow 'procedure' and you end up with a different number and someone else ends up with your old number!

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Quite possibly - but from what I understood, they won't issue an age related plate without a dating certificate from a recognised source.

can anyone confirm the actual position ?

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I have in the past had hpi checks done on a frame no/vin. Got the reg as it was on the system still. Then applied for the logbook. Cost 20quid for the hpi. 

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