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YBR125 Speedo Needle Sluggish

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2010 YBR125 (fuel injected). I've read through the forums but haven't found the same problem as mine, so apologies if I have missed one. 

My speedo has been 'enthusiastic' since I've had the bike, but after riding another bike (MT07) I noticed how much it seems out by (indicated 30mph is probably more like 22-24mph), and also that the speedo needle is very slow to respond to deceleration. When I rolled to a stop at a roundabout, it was still on 20mph and looked as if it was stuck in treacle, winding down very slowly. I took it to the garage on the same ride and they kindly had a look at the cable and hub and said that both looked fine, but it would be worth having a sit down with the dash side myself and seeing if I could spot anything (saves me a labour charge!). I've got the dash out now, and with the fascia off I can see that the needle isn't catching on anything (glass etc).

If I wind the speedo needle with my finger to 70mph and time how long it takes to wind back to 0mph, it's 6.5 seconds. However, four of those seconds are from 10mph to 0mph. The end part is very slow, like the coil spring is stuck but I can't see a problem with the spring. 

If I plug in the speedo cable, I can move that with my fingers and get the needle to smoothly move to about 10mph (still seemed a bit fast). I can also wind the cable the wrong way and it will 'snap' the needle back to 0mph without much apparent resistance. The speedo cable rotates freely and doesn't bind, although it probably needs a degrease and lubrication.

Can anyone suggest how this can be fixed? Is a new speedo cable worth a go, or does it sound like a clock fault? 

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Hi Spike, having read and re-read your post a few times, years ago I had a problem with my speedo needle only going as far as 30mph even if I went up to 60mph, although I don't think it will be the same problem as yours it's just a suggestion. What my problem was that a spider had somehow got into the unit and spun a web between the needle and the needle stop so as I went faster it was stretching the spiders silk thread, after about a week all of a sudden the thread just snapped and the needle functioned as normal.


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