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Looking for a mechanic


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I don't know if this is the correct place to post this, if not I apologize, I'm wondering if someone can suggest a mechanic who can work on a 1991 virago? I've taken it to several places,, everyone says its to old to fix,,, It belonged to my late husband and it ran 4 years ago,,, now my son is turning 17 wants to get it running. Any suggestions ?

I'm in New Jersey, Bergen County 

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Its never too old,   look for a real garage,   bikes of 50years old are still running,  and easy to fix ,

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2 hours ago, blackhat250 said:

Its never too old,   bikes of 50 years old are still running,  and easy to fix ,

Indeed matey. My auld Triumph will be 60 next year

Hey SBene

Why did it come off the road, was it broken or just stored. If the latter, it should be easy enough to get it running. 4 years is nothing. Get fresh fuel and oil and a good battery and see if it starts....You can pick up a manual for next to nothing 


Get your boy enrolled on a bike maintenance course at night school and he can fix it himself, which I imagine would make you and your late hubby very very proud

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