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Reviving WR250F (2003)

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Not sure what happened but my post disappeared when the Workshop sub-forum was restructured so posting this again.

So I'm trying to bring my WR250F (2003) back to life again which has been stashed away for over three years now. It was working great before then and I even wrote up a project about it on here around 5 years ago (https://yamahaclub.com/forums/topic/37457-2003-wr250f-legalize-it-project/).

Is there anything I should be doing first and foremost before I try to start it? I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right in case something gets messed up in the process. The bike is stored in a locked building so there is no worry of the elements getting to it.

(1) There was almost a full tank of petrol in the tank (unless slowly evaporated). I carelessly left it in there without emptying it so I'm assuming this will need drained first?

(2) I'm not sure if the battery would be completely dead, I'm thinking of plugging it into my Optimate 4 to see if it can revive it, otherwise I'd have to buy a new battery.

(3) Air in the tyres, check tubes and lube the chains.

(4) More than likely the engine oil will need replaced?

(5) Replace coolant?

(6) Need to check if the brakes have seized.

(7) Will the spark plug still be ok?

(8) Go around squirting WD 40 for good measure.

Please let me know if I've missed anything other than the listed above or if any of the steps are unnecessary. I hope I don't have to end up pulling the engine apart and clean the carbs as I'm definitely not experienced enough to do that. Also fingers crossed the engine hasn't seized.

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Change oil and filter. If it has sat for a few years I would be tempted to put a little oil down the plug hole (they will be out to be cleaned or replaced anyway). 

A bit of a debate on oiling prior to starting up. I would put fresh oil in and with the bike on the centre stand and in top gear and plugs out, see about turning the rear wheel to get some oil circulation. Alternatively I know some folk will turn it over using the starter....still with plugs out and obviously not connected to the HT Caps

I would replace the brake fluid, this should be done every two years anyway. 

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Certainly drain and put in fresh petrol,  Old petrol goes stale after about a year or so and loses it's 'ginger' ...it's ignitability!  Equally if it's been sitting in the carbs it may well have evaporated by now leaving a rock hard shellac like deposit in the float chamber and in the jets! and disturbing the dry seals to inspect it will result in them requiring replacement too. The spark plug may well be okay, but for the sake of the few minutes to remove it and clean it all up helps elimante any problems starting it, ie "well I've checked and reset the spark plug"

I left my 400/4 for a number of years and then set about getting it back on the road, like you it had been sitting in the shed for several years and all what you are doing is practically the same as i went through, having  said that i was surprised how 'damp' the whole lot was even though its a dry shed, I'd recommend leaving it out in this sunny hot weather and get a free heat penetrating dry out, it will certainly help when it comes to starting her up.

New battery fully charged, I moved over to the yellow gel battery and never looked back, well  worth the slight extra compared to topping it up with water/acid etc.

keep us all updated on your progress.

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