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Girl on a single! Hello!

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Hi and Welcome to the YOC. :wavey:

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14 hours ago, Katie1 said:

Welcome from a girl on a V4! :)

Woohoo! Girl riders for the win!!

14 hours ago, blackhat250 said:

Hi there,:welcome:   post a piccy ,, not familiar with that model ,,

Noob being the appropriate word, I have no idea how to add a photo to this forum! Photo of the bike I just bought is here: https://imgur.com/a/8OIrA

It won't look like that for long though, as I'm from the school of rat bike. Already rasied the bars (including the use of some washing machine parts) and that pillion seat is desperate for a hack job. But I'll be keeping the engine happy happy happy! So I'm sure I'll be on with questions :)

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well your on imgur, you just need to get the BB code which begins IMG with copy and paste that into your posts. simples

Just now, drewpy said:



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Hows that,    did it for yeh,   goofy machine   - dig the rear suspension,,,,B)

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