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Yorkhill easter egg run 2018


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I haven't posted on this forum outwith the welcome page yet so wasn't sure where to put this.  Went for general so i didnt clog up the events page (will put something there later if it is more relevant).  

The yorkhill easter egg run is something I've always enjoyed seeing from an outside perspective and now I've got 2 wheels it's something I'd possibly like to get involved in.  Really just wanting to see if its a thing that many people on here do or have done in the past?

Its on the 1st of april this year, It is a day I'm working but i was looking at getting the day off or maybe seeing if my work would support it as they do alot of local charity work.

If anyone on here has any info that would be great.  I've left the link below aswell.


P.s if people already plan on attending and don't mind an L plate tagging along just let me know and I'll try not to ruin your street cred too much:D

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I did a couple a few years ago, but my last one found me in the middle of a few arseholes thinking it was funny to do mini burn outs or pop wee wheelies. I could see some form of disaster looming so slowed down to get out the way and never went back


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I've done yorkhill for afew years now but this year didn't bother I know it's for charity but the run as got worse. So I donate via online. I have started to do the Erskine run for the soldiers hospital. Which is better organised things to do when you get to the hospital. Than stand in a car park and have a burger. 

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