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Dragstar Alarm Woes

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Hi All,


Apologies for making my first post a beg, but im having some real issues with this 2002 650 Dragstar im helping a firend with.

It all started when the Datatag alarm that was fitted to it started playing up, and going off randomly.

When we traced the cabling to try and remove the faulty unit, its connected to a bunch of black with white square cables in the battery compartment, none of which are labellled, and all blocks that may have been there appear to be cut off.

The workshop manual shows nothing of these cables that i can see, and when checking them with a multimeter, there are permanent lives, switched lives, Kill switch lives, and indicator feeds, however, i cannot see where they should go etc.

The alarm has been cut off for the sanity of the neighbours, but i am now left with a bike that wont start, no action from the starter button at all. No spin.

I beg for any help you guys can offer me, as i have been over what i can work out with a multimeter, and the feeds from the ignitor to the coils are fine, the 12v feeds to the coils are live, there just seems to be no "go" from the start switch.

Can anyone offer info on these mystery black cables, and how i can get this lovely bike back on the road?, i will forver be in your debt/.




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Take it to a dealer.

No disrespect intended, but I don't think anyone on this forum would give out advice on how to bypass an alarm, or we may find out it's our bikes alarm being "bypassed" next

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yep, or learn. Sounds harsh but its true. The wiring is not that hard to sort in your situation if you spend some youtube time with a coffee learning how to read a wiring diagram.

A 2002 drag really is not at all complicated wiring wise, not like say a 2010 r6.

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