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Another new toy appears, can you see the pattern emerging?

wild foamy

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Well, it wouldn't be a new month without something new coming into the unit. 





Continuing the trend, it's an XS500... Built to do 70's class races in France, owner did two races, had a motorcycle accident (not on the track) and couldn't ride the bike any more. 

There are no lights, but unlike the flat-tracker it has its brakes, good tyres and has passed race scrutineering before, appears to be well built and very clean, had it running today and it certainly gets a move on, charging system appears to be intact, needs a silencer to be anywhere near road legal though, figured it could be an early birthday present to myself. 


Oh and I also picked up a Yamaha TY80, no idea why or what I'm going to do with it but It appealed to me, might come in handy if Foamy Jr was to ever appear (and on this day the devil will put on his ice skates) 



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You must be able to shift the xs with a daylight mot and get good money as a classic track bike, even one of the period race series.

As for the TY, brings back memories, I had the dt50m which is basically a TY with lights and a twin seat. Loved it, that has one monster of a rear sprocket on it though. Def trials bike. If you had found the ty earlier I would have taken it off you for the daughter no sweat.

Mine and my mate wayne pulled em apart (he had one too, common as snot in 1986) so often, no manuals or f all, all in the name of speed. To be 16 :thumb:, "I am invincible". B)

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The floor space has been filled up with cars and stuff, so I tend to hang the bikes from the ceiling now. 

The XS will be a keeper, I've still got the XS500 flat tracker I bought earlier this year so I guess now it's a matching pair of sorts.

As to how usable it will actually be on the road, I don't know... Might be alright for scratching around a track but the A339 in rush hour might get a bit tender on the wrists. 

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