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DT 175 E non starter.

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Hello everyone,

I am now getting desperate with my DT 175 E american import.

I have a good spark,fuel and the timing is spot on.but the bike still wont start.I have manually injected fuel into the plug hole and then tried to kick and bump the bike,but still no starting.

I have tried spraying "sure start" into the carb and plug hole,but still no start.

Occasionally I will get a fraction of a second of running when fuel or "sure start" is added ,but that is all.

Has anyone got any ideas.


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Sounds like your statement on 'having fuel' is a bit of a misnomer.

Sounds like one or more jets blocked in the carb.

Float height would have it running on just choke. Unless of course there is more than 1 issue.

You need to get in there and clean them properly.

I find a couple of strands of fine copper wire twisted together quite good for cleaning out jets, stiff enough to shift a blockage but wont hurt the ally or brass in the carb.


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Do the carb. I did mine twice. Unfortunately the piston rings were in the exhaust. Have you got compression? 

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Se that little hole,  [ beside the number 2]   in feeds the choke well,  .if its choked ,  it will not start .   remove the pilot jet too,  


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