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I have just finished running in my RD250 LC after a 0.5mm rebore.It has a set of Allspeeds,standard air box,non tuned barrels and standard carbs.It also has new main and big end bearings and new crankshaft seals.

When I try to rev it into the powerband (4000 - 5000 rpm ) it has a hell of a flat spot and to best describe it it gurgles and struggles to  get there.I can slip the clutch to help it out ,but I don,t really want to do this.

My needle clip is set 4 notches from the top and rest of the carb is as standard.

Any help  please


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I had allspeeds on my old lc many years ago. And yes I wish I still had it.

Known as engine killers in the day, more extreme than the microns. But looked much better, sounded nasty too.

Stock carbs is a no no. Personally I have no clue today as to the settings you need but I expect you will need to re jet with those pipes or your pistons will die. An absolute must will be use premium fuel.

She will be a nasty bitch around 5500-6k anyway all yam 2 stroke twins are, they kind of stop and take a breath before the power kicks in, my completely stock TDR does it, just not as extreme thx to the pv and being stock. But it still fafs and farts about a bit if you don't boss it about.

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needle 4 notches from top souns very rich..i run 2nd from top..made huge difference to that flat spot

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