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SR 125 engine issue


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Hi guys 


So was out riding the other day came off the roundabout gave the old girl a little beens and pop engine died completly dead didnt even spultter so i tried to fire her up again all turned on fine flicked  on the starter motor its spins its nut off (like the engines running) ive started to strip the enigine

just wondering if anyones got any clues as to what could be the cause 


Many thanks 

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What makes you think it is that?. 

Start simple, take your spark plug out and spin it over whilst holding it against the engine casing to see if it sparks correctly. 

If it's spinning over faster than normal that would indicate to me low compression... Ideally get a compression tester from a mate or local garage/ebay and test it properly. 

Check your float bowl is clean, there is a good flow of petrol coming out of the tap, any in line filters are clear. 

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The reason i think its thats the engine wouldnt turn ova at all no spark no movement what so eva just the starter spining ive striped most of the engine down now as i first thought cam chain had snapped 

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