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Hi, new DT50MX owner here


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Hi guys, thought I'd say hi and ask a few questions about my bike. As I have recently turned 16, I have just bought a 1987 DT50MX for my first bike. It came with a big bore 60cc kit, performance air filter, derestricted exhaust (soon to be replaced with full giannelli system) and I believe the previous owner installed new jets in the carb but I'm not too sure.

I plan to add a smaller rear sprocket and perhaps an airsal 70cc kit in future depending on how much spare time I have. A frame respray is also something I'm considering as it seems to have had a couple of dodgy touch ups in the past and there is some surface rust scattered around. I also have a new exhaust cover panel arriving soon as the current one has been cut through and leaves the pipe exposed.

I am aiming to hit 60 mph (on private land of course ;) ), any recommendations on parts/modifications to install? I'm fairly light at 50 ish kg and I believe a sprocket set should get me there



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:wavey: welcome aboard! Looks like a great bike to kick around on.
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DT50s are ace, blew mine up twice and had many adventures, they are rather forgiving and thankfully very simple to engineer.

definitely be worth popping the bottom off the carb bowl and checking the size of them jets, iirc stock is #88, with a 65cc kit and aftermarket pipe i was running a #98 which was a tad rich but ultimately safe, move the needle up a notch aswell, keep the original air filter but you can drill holes in the cover to improve airflow.

at 50kg it is possible to run the smallest rear and largest front (48t/15t i think?) sprocket, however as you would expect it makes hills a bit more of a challenge, but that's what gears are for right?.

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