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yamaha xvs 125 randomly bogging and cutting out


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Hello guys 


Have a small problem with my yamaha xvs 125 thats starting to become a bigger problem. Now im not hughly technicaly minded so please bare that in mind. 

I rerecently got my bike back from garage after it was out for 5 months after being rear ended it has since started to randomly bog down and cut out and ove had to bump start it to get it going again. Now ive never had this problem till now and i had the bike for about 7 months previous to the accident. What im looking for really is suggestions of what this could be im going to be changing batterry and oil fillter and cheacking on air filter in next few weeks ( when me parts come) but if thats not the case then it will be in to garage for the other naintanence of carbs and spark plug is this best route to be hoing atm.

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Clean the carb, bogging is down to dirt in the float bowl 99% of the time.

Its getting sucked up against one of the jets, bike cuts out or runs shite so you stop. Piece of crap floats down to wait till next time.

2 points though, first post a bit of a hello in the new members section and second buy yourself a manual and then the basic toolkit to fix it. Sounds expensive but it WILL be far cheaper than having the pissed off bike mechanic daydreaming of being a gp pit mechanic  'cleaning' your carb in the respective minutes he is allocated for the job. Nobody paid to work on somebody else's bike works as conscientiously as they work on their own.

They will feel the same about your carb as I do about the m6 every morning (I'm hgv). 'Here we go again', 'same shit different day'.

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Your money.

Why ask if your going to the garage con artists anyway. It will be bits in the carb from it drying out over the 5 months. Modern fuel is rubbish and leaves a crust as it evaporates, that comes away and clogs jets.

41 minutes ago, chiefbloodfang said:

And i never stop the bike it bogs and then cuts out itself thnx for help though

Splitting hairs with someone offering help is not likely to help replies either as you still haven't said hi in the new members area.

This forum is very open with almost no rules bar copyright and selling without membership. Little if any post censorship and no vetting or verification to join. The one real constant is 95% of the membership will not touch a first post problem, people use us as a one stop google bike fix, that gets frustrating so members wait for some sign they might stay for more than a few posts.


Best of luck with it.

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Im with Cynic, definatly crap in the carb if not you might be getting more air in the system making her run lean after the crash. (does she sound louder at all like the exhaust are blowing?)

Also don't fob folk off when giving you advice, if you are not willing to spend an hour taking off the fuel tank, (two bolts) then removing the carbs (two pipes and loosening two screws) and removing the float bowls (8 screws.....4 per bowl) and blowing out the jets with a can of air from maplins (£2.99) then refitting whilst installing the two new spark plugs (cost of say £10) grand total of £12.99 and about 2-3hrs work

But i guess having a rip off grease monkey do it for £30 an hour and a slap dash workmanship is much more worth it. :rolleyes:

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