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I'm Len Doyle. 60 years old and buying my first Yamaha after 40 odd years of mostly Brits and Hondas. I've been attracted into a project XTZ660 from 1992. It will need some attention, but should be nice fairly quickly, if I can find the parts. Anyone know a stockist for plastic body bits? Front mudguard, radiator cowls etc. Is there a specialist breaker out there?




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HI Len, Welcome to the YOC. :D As to parts mate your best bet is ebay or just type in Bike breakers in Google and see what they have. I'm rebuilding 2 Suzuki T100s at the moment and expect to be a least 2 years finding the parts I need, old bikes need patience and deep pockets!

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https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/yamaha-parts/motorcycles/xtz660-tenere-1991.aspx (Says 1991 - might not be the exact model!)

Not sure if this site will have anything you need. It is fairly good for new parts and bits that are fairly generic. With the more unique bits (plastics - fuel tanks) it says 'Check availability' - not sure if you could get lucky there or not, probably more likely not. But thought I would throw it out there.

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Have a good search around the internet , if it is anything like the TDR there are people out there making replica fibreglass panels at a reasonable price , there amybe NOS panela around but they will probably be as rare as hens teeth  and very expensive 

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