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The bobber build XVS 650


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Hi guys, ive had a shed load of cars now im moving into bikes. Ive been brought up around them so its about time i started building a bobber. Some of my mates are apart of the vikings M.C. So hopefully ill be able to build a cracking bike.

Ive had bikes before but this will be my first custom.

The day i picked her up.



So first things first i whipped the fenders off. Such an improvement already. I then started to remove all the chrome and respray some of them black. To see what they where like. Ill remove them and spray them black properly soon.


My plans are to have as little on the bars as possible so switch relocation was next up. Ive fitted the horn next to the ignition barrel


Will be painted properly soon.

As for the lights i have a secret idea so a side light isn't needed so i have wired the light switch down under the seat along with my new start button. Cutting the loom and re-running it was a headache but its worth it.


Once all the loom was run and i was happy with it i wrapped the cables to improve the look of them. Ive also wrapped the ht leads too.


While waiting for parts to be delivered I've started to clean the carbs


Turns out that whoever has messed about with them has munched up a few of the screws so i cant clean the right carb. New screws on order then i can drill the screws out.

While the carbs where off i found that the rubber boots are cracked beyond belief. May be why she didn't run right. Best order a few of them too.


Thats all of my progress yet. All feedback is appreciated.

I found this on the internet basically the idea of where I'm heading but with a twist


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Defiantly. They have gone in my dads garage for his bike. Haha.

Didnt get anything done tonight just measuring up for individual air filters and foot pegs.

The postman arrived too which is a bonus.


Ill upload as many photos as i can.

Just a tip for anyone dont ever try and sell things to someone in a different country speaking a different language. A guy in greece is trying to buy most of the chrome that ive ripped off and he doesnt speak very well English. Really hard and frustrating [emoji23]

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Quick question about the braided sleeving..... I was looking at this on the bay of fleas a few days back but wasn't sure how the sizes worked.

The 6mm for example, is that the size  of yhe sleeving while layed flat or the diameter of the cable you are sleeving ?

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On 20/01/2016 at 10:53 AM, Pee said:

Some of my mates are apart of the vikings M.C.


As are some of mine - Nice bunch of lads!!

Are they helping you out with the build, then... or mercilessly taking the piss out of "your little pussy 650 Dragstar" as they did with mine? :lol:

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Haha well they havent seen it yet. But they will indeed take the piss. But i give as good as i get.

Where do you live bud?

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The postman turned up today with some more bits for me.


When i was stripping the carbs down for cleaning the screws were rounded of so they turned up today. So starting the rebuild.

Not finished yet but starting to look much better. 942e89f943cc945bde2301b723a8284b.jpg

Im not fitting anything until the weekend or tomorrow as im getting inpatient haha.

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17 hours ago, Pee said:

Where do you live bud?




<----- What it says here ;)

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So a little update on my progress ive drained the oil out and removed some of the covers and cleaned them up. Ive replaced all the shit old bolts with shiney new stainless steel ones.




And while these where off i have given the engine a fresh lick of paint too.


While the covers where off and drying i removed all the exhaust guards and wrapped the exhausts


I removed the forks and wheel and gave them a fresh lick of black paint. While these where drying I refurbished the calliper although im not sure on the colour at the moment. May change it.



Then the back got rebuilt. Cleaned the drum out and made sure the shoes where good.


I found a place for my help for heros band!


The headlight got a lick of brass paint which i have a few additions to be brass


Polished the brake lever waiting my new pegs


Ive stuck my stickers to the tank :)


And here she is now.



So im waiting for oil, oil filter, fuel filter, diff oil, tyres, seat and springs, number plates, throttle sleeve, cover, grips, brake line, brake fluid, rear brake light, indicators, carb kit, and a few extra bits now. Some of which i havent ordered.

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Postman turned up. Wrong bloody oil filter!!!!! Because my bike has has the oil filter relocation kit fitted its a different oil filter!

I was looking forward to filling her up with oil.

Oh well.


And i fitted the number plate bracket i was too impatient haha.


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Looking really smart bud! well done :)

Only negitive for me is the studded seat. you could always sell it to the YMCA haha.

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Love the tank sticker!

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Looking really smart bud! well done [emoji4]

Only negitive for me is the studded seat. you could always sell it to the YMCA haha.

Cheers noise. The seat is not staying im fitting the usual sprung seat but going to recover it. [emoji106]🏻

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Love the tank sticker!

Cheers bud i love it too. Was going to get a led projector instead of the headlight. But think it'll look too tacky.

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Right a little update I've decided not to go down the sprung seat route and make my own seat. The base is all made up and in shape now so just needs covering.



Also got my indicators fitted and wired up.


Took my caliper, master cylinder and clutch lever to a pals and sandblasted them then gave them a fresh lick of paint and fitted the new braided hose and bled the system.





And finally got my plate fitted.


Ive replaced the fuel hose with a nice clear hose which my clamps don't fit so have to get a new set so i can start her up.

Not much left to do now.

Rear light,

Clutch lever,

Brake lever,



Foot pegs.

Shes had fresh oil & filter, diff oil,

Fuel filter & plugs,

Brake fluid, and air filters. She should run like a dream.

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