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09 xt125x headlight problem


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hi,high & low beam isnt working on my 09 xt125x,everything else seems ok,including the side light & tail light.i suspect that it may be down to a 5 pin relay located behind the right hand sidepanel,next to the cdi.does anyone know if it could be this relay at fault? (and would it only affect hi/lo beam.) thanks in advance for any advice that is offered.

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K.I.S.S. have you checked the bulb? ;)

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Heard that all too often.

Squirt some contact cleaner in all the switches and check your fuses.

Doubt its the relay. Could be but in my exp when a relay fails it just stays in one state, ie main or dip beam.

Checked the headlight earth?

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hmm,will re-check the connections but im fairly confident that they are all good,the switchgear is spotless & had a squirt of wd40.it only has one fuse,(i believe) & thats located on the starter solenoid & if that blows nothing will work so i thought id narrowed it down to a relay,or,as you suggested,the earth....which seems more likely,the more i think about it.i think i got to nip out into my workshop & check that right now as the curiosity is getting to me, lol.

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