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How do you argue with stupid?

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Ok, imagine the scene, at the security office of a delivery I make a couple of times a week. Meet a new security guard.

Make pleasantries, usual tripe about your day, boss is a w'nker etc. Then he comes out with the "Got all your PPE", Nope, need a hat says I. at the same time as the hat, he hands me some safety glasses.

Don't need them, can't wear em because of my glasses and you don't have the overglasses ones. I know because as said I have been delivering there for months a couple of times a week.

He comes out with, "Its health and safety you have to wear safety glasses". No says I, "i can't wear those because I will have to remove my PRESCRIPTION glasses". His reply.. " Nope, you cant come past here without safety glasses on", "Fine I will go then ", says I. "You can't you need to wear the glasses past this point and the exit is the other side of the site", was his reply.

My possibly heated reply of "Go on then genius your move!", was not in retrospect all that wise but it did get him to call the higher ups to complain about me, in the process getting himself called a tit and told to allow me in as I was wearing glasses and that will suffice for external deliveries, going inside the plant would be different.

I am still laughing about it.

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