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XVS 650 engine warning light


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Hey folks wondering if any of you have had this problem before as its not really stated in the manual.

A chap that used to be on here (Auzz) is not off to go and work out in Saudi for a few years so gave me his 650 draggy to fix up and sell on but it is in a sorry state and in urgent need of some loving.

Now for a bit about the bike, she starts up ok with the engine light going out as it should, it struggles to idle to start with but then she settles down and tick over fine, (carbs need looking at) she will then ride fine and pull hard but as soon as you pull on full throttle she will bog down, pop and fart till you ease off a bit, (air leak / jets)

Here's the bit thats stumping me though, after about 1 - 2 miles the engine warning light will come on and stay on, no flashing or nowt, just comes on solid. In the manwell it states about it coming on with the ignition for 1.4 seconds then going out, and if if flashed 3 times it could be the TPS, but there is nothing about a solid warning light? she still rides fine and pulls hard with it on but its a problem that needs addressing.

Any ideas?

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Thanks Lassy,

Sadly this 650 is a 1997 model and does not have a O2 sensor. think its only when they brought out the 950 they went onto fuel injection and put the O2 sensors on.

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This any good Noise? http://www.manualslib.com/manual/612318/Yamaha-Xvs650.html?page=19

This has a bit more info, don't know if it's relevant tho? http://www.100-biker.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-48978.html

Knackered regulator?

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:thumb: cheers slice!

That bloke had pretty much what this bikes doing so i might look at going to the Yammy dealer to see if they can plug it in, (hopefully won't brake the bank) then see if it is the CDI unit or the TPS.

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Glad I could help mate, usually I'm so far off that I need a map to get back to the point in question.

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found my old set of carbs in the shed, pulled off the TPS and stuck it on this bike, no warning light, no spluttering just runs and pulls like a train again.

I do love a free bee fix

Thanks again slice for the info you dug out :thumb:

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Ah that's good news mate, really pleased I could help. :D

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