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XJ900 De Carbon shocks


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Have got my latest project, '84 XJ900 back together and runnig through a few niggles with the electrics but I have purchased some original De Carbon shocks. Does anyone know if these can be dismantled and if so how - I'm only interested in getting to the springs and replacing the bump stop?




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If they are like the usual ones then you need a pair of spring clamps and then wind them down till the top washer? with the slot in it is loose then you use pliers to remove that, take the compressors off and that's job done. DON'T use your fingers to take the washer out as the last time I did that it bit me, sore for days, should be easy if you have the slotted top washer.


Part number 7 I think?

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Thnaks slice,

They're more complicated than the diagram you've shown as they've got the adjustment for both damping and preload and  I assumed it must be something like you say but  the local bike shop wouldn't even think about taking them apart as they hadn't seen anything like them. 



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They look fairly standard to be honest, if the adjusters on the bottom ends screw right off then you will be able to get the things apart, your guys are just being difficult ie it will cost you more cos they are non-standard approach. As long as you can get the things wound down to their lowest settings before you tackle them you should be fine getting them apart, I used a pair of car spring clamps that I have adapted to fit inside the springs to get mine apart, it's really not brain surgery after all cos if someone can put them together then someone else can take them apart and making noises about how difficult it's going to be is just an excuse not to do the job. If your not sure then I suggest you don't do it but to be honest they look easy to get at and even a quick wipe down with an oily rag once they are apart will make them look much better.

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