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New member to the Y-O-C and to biking in general :-)

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Hi everyone,

The names Paul (Scorpy) currently living in South Wales.

Just passed my CBT last weekend and currently purchased a 1996 Yamaha SR125. Somehow managed to find one with one owner from new!

Currently in the process on getting her ready for the MOT :eusa_shifty:

I'm a volunteer for the charity National Youthbike and you may have seen me at one of the rallies on the stand with Tony, Ron, Mitch and the crew.

Looking forward to meeting you all on here, and soon (hopefully) on the road :babyha:


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Welcome !!

Its a complete nuthouse on here. Full of Characters !!

Plenty of good advice. Quite a few on here have 125cc bikes so plenty of knowledge if/when you have a problem.

Enjoy your bike !!

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Hi Paul, welcome to the YOC.

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:welcome: PAul, youthbike were at Stafford and Manchester shows this year.

great cause and would have volunteered for that if I didn't do scouts

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Welcome paul.

Nice bike. I have one that i had to rebuild from frame up i posted regular in the projects section and the guys n gals on here gave lots of good advice. Although i enjoyed the project it would have been nice to find one as good condition as yours.

stay safe

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