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FJ1200 sheared rocker cover bolt removal.

wild foamy

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Well peeps, I finally got my arse in gear and decided to give the FJ1200 a bit of much needed TLC.

It had recently developed a fairly substantial oil leak, and when stopped in traffic it would smoke badly from around the fairings. At first I thought it was the rocker cover gasket leaking but on further investigation it turned out to be a rocker cover retaining bolt that the previous owner had sheared off in the head, and then siliconed it back into the head before selling it on to me, only for it to pop out under crankcase pressure and allow the oil from the top end to escape and leak all down the side and back of the engine.


Whilst there is probably a 'proper' way of doing this, I am currently without my car and can't afford to have the bike off the road for any length of time, so I decided to use my cunning and do the repair in situ.

The bolt was sheared approximately 13mm below the surface of the rocker cover, so drilling it out freehand was not an option, in the end I drilled a hole (tapping size for 6mm) into a length of 12mm stock to act as a drill guide.


With the drill guide in place, a milling cutter was used to flatten off the face of the sheared bolt, before running a drill down it.

With the stud new effectively drilled out, taps were used to clean the remaining debris before the new bolt was installed.



Including making the drill guide the whole process took around an hour from start to finish, whereas stripping the rocker cover down and doing it 'properly' would likely take much longer.

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Cut off a small length of rag and packed it into the void between the rocker cover and the head, also it's handy to use an air duster (the aerosol type they sell for computer keyboards) to remove most of the smaller stuff, then hoover out the remainder before removing the rag after you've finished tapping etc

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Yeah nice one mate you can now sit in traffic and not look like a steam engine !!! :biglaugha:

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