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1976 Yamaha V50


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The stripes look fine to me.

But it's YOUR project so YOU decide.

Looks good & some great work. Hope when I actually get started on mine I can do a similar quality of work.

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Well today i re-fitted the 50 engine as i couldn't get the 80 to run. So it is now "on the road". A couple of odds and sods to do, but all are capable of being done as i use it. I'll have a run down to the seafront in the next couple of days and take some better pics.



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Well, i finished off the decals, i'm pretty happy with them.

I think that is about it, other than making a better exhaust hanger, so unless something drastic happens, the project is now complete!


Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, it is nice to hear you've done a good job.

I am considering selling this instead of the Honda as my dear wife has intimated that i *may* be doing full test for my 30th in May, figured it may be better to keep on the roads on a motorbike rather than moped in the interim period.

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